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Cobalt Spa Pool Ranger $99

Our revolutionary spa pool cleaner is a must have for any spa pool owner who suffers from debris and leaf matter buildup.

With Spa pools billed as a luxury experience nothing is more disappointing than trying to relax in water filled with leaves and debris.  

5 Reasons why Internal filters are obsolete :

  • Internal filters can only draw and hold limited leaves and debris.

  • Internal filters do not remove any sizeable leaves and debris from the spa pool water.

  • Internal filters release all debris back into the water when they are not powered on.

  • Internal filters do not gather material from the base of a spa pool.

  • Internal filters do not target areas to clean in a spa pool.



5 Solutions with the Cobalt Spa ranger

  • Debris is stored and removed from the spa pool easily through its filtering system.

  • Powerful suction allows removal of debris and rapid water filtering.

  • Telescopic handle allows the base and sides of the spa pool to be targeted for specific cleaning.

  • Scrubbing brush provides easy cleaning of any algae buildup

  • Additional attachments provide

Prices shown above exclude GST

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