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Pool Ranger $250 NZD

The cobalt pool ranger slides effortlessly through the water with its ergonomic design extracting debris with minimum sound. Connection and installation of the Ranger is achieved in under 20 minutes with the semi assembled unit

The Ranger snakes randomly along the base of the swimming pool and will climb sloping walls. When the Ranger meets sheer vertical sides it will float back down with the aide of its flotation weights before setting off in a new direction.

The Cobalt Pool Ranger was brought to the New Zealand market in 2009 to provide an affordable alternative to our customers.  The ranger delivers a superb performance and has excelled against rival brands that are typically priced at 6 times the cost.  

Finally everybody can own a hassle free , quality automatic pool cleaner which takes the work out of Summer and puts the kids back in the pool. Please visit our customer feedback section on this wonderful product.

Apollo Pool Cleaner $250 NZD

The Cobalt Apollo pool cleaner cleans all pool areas including steps and corners with its advanced computerised steering, the unit is high speed and operates silently.

The Apollo Pool Cleaner is fitted with Smart, 2 way gyro wheels that ensure smooth manoeuvrability. It also comes with 4 easily changeable nozzles for compatibility with existing filter systems. The nozzle removes easily for cleaning of debris.

The Apollo pool cleaner saves you money on chemicals and electricity and operates unsupervised.

Prices shown above exclude GST

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