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Cobalt Pool Roller $299

The best way to extend the use of your pool to the months of winter is to maintain the temperature of the water overnight with the use of a pool cover.   Not only does the cover maintain solar energy but it also helps decrease debris landing in the pool.

But every pool cover comes at a cost

  • Pool covers are heavy, timely and difficult to remove

  • Pool covers are easily damaged when pulled or stored on hard surfaces

  • Pool covers must be stored appropriately to prolong their lifetime

  • Pool covers require at least two people to remove and replace the cover


Cobalt Pool Roller to eliminate these problems and provide the following benefits:

  • Pool cover can be removed and replaced effortlessly by one person.

  • Pool cover is compressed onto a shaft protecting the cover from hard surfaces and sun perish.

  • Storage of the Pool cover can be completely wheeled away in winter months on the pool roller.

  • Pool cover can now be easily and systematically cleaned in sections on the pool roller.

  • The pool roller allows children, grandparents and single people to look after their pool and its maintenance without relying on assistance from others.

  • Pool roller has an ergonomic and attractive design.

Prices shown above exclude GST

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