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Cobalt Solar Shower $350

Unlike traditional outdoor solar showers that use a water bag, the Cobalt Outdoor Solar Shower is a solid ergonomically designed unit that requires little to no maintenance year round. The Solar Shower has a fixing plate on the bottom of the Shower which needs to be bolted down to a solid fixture like concrete in an area that has a lot of exposure to the sun. Attach your garden hose onto the connector at the base which fills the column full of water. That's it! The sun does the rest.

Your outdoor shower is ideal to...


  • rinse off after the beach

  • rinse off chlorine after swimming

  • remove salt water from wetsuits

  • wash the household pets outside

  • warm up straight after a swim

  • remove sand & mud before bringing it indoors

  • clean tools after gardening

  • wash boat gear and life jackets

  • provide hours of fun for children

The Sun heats the column to provide you with hot water which you can toggle with Cold Water via the temperature valve.

Prices shown above exclude GST

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